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Tag: horror

Prompt #12: On Set – 501 Prompts

Writing Prompt At a remote filming location, the celebrated movie director insists on increasingly real special effects. In: 5000 Writing Prompts by Bryn Donovan My Story A flood of blood swept over her. It was still warm and stuck to her clothes, hair, and skin. The sensation overwhelmed her. She screamed at the top of her lungs. “Cut!” shouted the director over the set. “What is this stuff?” The actress, Jenny, stood alone in the middle of the set. The crew who had dumped the bucket of liquid over her had disappeared… Read more Prompt #12: On Set – 501 Prompts

Prompt #10: Midnight Texts – 501 Prompts

The Prompt She gets texts from a dead loved one. In: 5000 Writing Prompts by Bryn Donovan My Story The last few days had been a nightmare for Jessi. Not only did she fail her final exams and lost her day job. Her long term partner had broken up with her. The rent was due in two days, and she just had spent her last dollars to buy a cheap whiskey and a pack of cigarettes. Smoking, she sat on the floor of her empty apartment. Most of their stuff had been… Read more Prompt #10: Midnight Texts – 501 Prompts