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Week 5 – 501 Prompts

Hey you lovely people, I hope all of you had a great weekend. I took some time to disconnect from the stress I’ve had lately. The situation at my job is difficult right now, and I may be without work in January. It really depends on the options and possibilities I can create until then. So you can imagine the stress I’m having. My writing routine is suffering. Sure, I get some writing time here and there. I also managed to keep the prompts afloat during all of that (more… Read more Week 5 – 501 Prompts

Prompt #6: Betrayal – 501 Prompts

The Prompt Nobody ventures here without a mask.In: 5000 Writing Prompts by Bryn Donovan My Story Niala led me deeper and deeper into the tunnel system that stretched out for miles under our city. Nobody cared to know who had built it once rumors about the tremendous treasure waiting to be discovered got out. I gave the remains of the long-forgotten civilization little attention as we passed them. The crystal in her left hand shone brightly and drenched the narrow corridor in sharp, alien light. “Nobody should venture here without… Read more Prompt #6: Betrayal – 501 Prompts

Prompt #5: Survival – 501 Prompts

The Prompt The waters of this river will make anybody drunk.In: 5000 Writing Prompts by Bryn Donovan My Story The group of ragged men and women cheered gleefully as they finally reached the water. Their baggage was scattered on the hot sand, as they drank from the river and bathed in it to cool down. Tkiz’kxix was watching the humans through their multifaceted eyes from the shadow of a huge palm tree. Their mandibles clacked in a soft rhythmic melody. The humans had been reluctant to ask for help. But… Read more Prompt #5: Survival – 501 Prompts

Prompt #4: The Warning – 501 Prompts

The Prompt She doesn’t know why he can read the runes.In: 5000 Writing Prompts by Bryn Donovan My Story Last night strange runes had appeared on the outer palace wall, right above the entrance gate. By the time the palace guard had noticed it, the whole city was already gossiping about it. There had been no other topic on the market that day. Out of curiosity, Shelay decided to take a detour on her way home to see it with her own eyes. Her little brother Toni complained, but she… Read more Prompt #4: The Warning – 501 Prompts

Prompt #3: Happy Hour – 501 Prompts

The Prompt A fae, a giant and a gnome walk into a tavern.In: 5000 Writing Prompts by Bryn Donovan My Story “What a day…” said Taly and sipped on her Bloody Marie. Tired as she was, her wings had lost most of their glitter. “You can say that again.”, answered Norbi, who sat to her left. “How’s work going at the mines?” “Uh, you know…”, he started, his head supported by his hands, elbows on the counter. “Kinda pointless. As always.” “Why is that?” She knew the gnome’s complaints too… Read more Prompt #3: Happy Hour – 501 Prompts