Week 5 – 501 Prompts

Hey you lovely people,

I hope all of you had a great weekend.

I took some time to disconnect from the stress I’ve had lately. The situation at my job is difficult right now, and I may be without work in January. It really depends on the options and possibilities I can create until then. So you can imagine the stress I’m having.

My writing routine is suffering. Sure, I get some writing time here and there. I also managed to keep the prompts afloat during all of that (more or less). But it’s not ideal, to say the least.

The writing isn’t so much the problem. But preparing a post in a way that actually resembles something readable takes more time and concentration than I initially had thought.

That’s why I made a decision. I’m going to continue with my prompt series. I really enjoy the challenge and the process. Also, it is an excellent exercise. But I’ll cut down on the number of prompts I post each week.

3 was very ambitious. From this week on, I’ll only post one per week on Tuesdays and the commentary on Thursdays.

That way, I’ll hope to have more room for my other writing projects and the stuff I have to manage. Maybe, it’ll result in longer and more elaborate stories. (But I wouldn’t bet on that just now.)

Here is the horro-themed prompt for week 5:

At a remote filming location, the celebrated movie director insists on increasingly real special effects.

Have a great week, everyone. See you on Tuesday for the next story!

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