It’s Art, Right? – Poetry # 1

Isle of Me

Lost between the parts
I search for the sense of it all
Not knowing why, I keep walking on the edge
Who am I? Who will I be?

Born in one sphere, raised in another
I found a whole world, waiting,
A world so strange, so unbelieveable
I fell in love.

I don’t belong there, a stranger I will always be.
Nor do I want to stay because I’ve always been.
Caught forever,
Between departure and arrival.

All I ever wanted
Creating a safe corner
In this strange world.


Germany was Nationalsozialism
Germany was murder
Germany was a crime against humanity
Germany was fear
Germany was the Nightmare

Germany is leading culture
Germany is enforced conformity
Germany is exclusion
Germany is racism
Germany is still the Nightmare.

Oral Hygiene

Tooth brushing, huh?
Scrubb, circle, rinse, repeat.

What?! Wrong you say?
I have never done it another way,
Learned, practiced and drilled it every single day!

You’re wrong. You must be!
‘Cause it can’t be me.
If I do wrong, what I’ve always done,
Then who am I all along?


I grew out of putrid and sour soil;
A gentle flower on top of countless corpses –
Long dead proof of my father’s crime.
His confused mind bringing hatred,
Killing millions along its way.

The faces of his victims stare at me every night,
Judging, cursing, lusting for revenge.
In their eyes I’m one of the enemy
And deep down I know they’re right.

My father went out to set the world on fire.
Now I throw myself at his victims feet,
Not begging for forgiveness,
But to fight together that it will ever happen again.

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